My late mother left a $5 million inheritance to my greedy brother and aunts and I only received an addressed envelope

I was taken aback.

Pink and white tea set. | Source: Pexels

How the hell could my mom have done this to me?  I thought, wiping my nose with the face of my hand. And then, like a classic overthinker, I began to wonder if I cared enough about her during those last few months.

But then the lawyer got up and handed me an envelope.

“Your mom,” he said, “loved you more than anyone.”

Of course, the room falls silent and the greedy group looks hungrily at the letter. Dear Lily  , it said on the front.

I opened the letter and on a single sheet of paper an address and a code were written.

Now I’m sitting there thinking:   What the hell, mom?

But I decided to check it out. Maybe he wanted me to clean a warehouse or something. The lawyer decided to accompany them, mostly silent. So, we arrived at the address, which turned out to be this hidden gem of a house. A beautiful house with even my favorite flowers planted along the path.

Beautiful House | Source: Pexels

Beautiful House | Source: Pexels

Mom had left me a house fully paid for! And it was clear that she had left her mark on the place because inside it were photos of us. And another letter on the glass table in the entrance hall: this letter was to spill the beans.

Turns out my mom knew all about how my brother and aunts were the biggest money losers. But she wanted me to have a place to build a future and a family. Create new memories in a place that clearly has your spirit.

As for money? Well, the letter said that she gave it to him, fully aware that it would be overlooked. She wanted to teach them the value of things and focus on family ties. Which would surely happen when the money ran out.


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