9 things to never plug into a power strip

6. The coffee maker

Same as for the microwave. You might think that a small machine like a coffee maker consumes nothing. In reality, it is quite electricity-intensive with consumption estimated at 165 kWh/year. So plug this device into a wall outlet.

7. The toaster

Do you toast buns every morning? This means that you consume between 500 and 1000 W per year! Yes, that’s a lot for such a small device. All this to tell you that you should avoid plugging it into a power strip.

8. Another extension cord

Do you have a lot of electrical appliances to plug in? So you use several extension cords connected to each other. Very, very bad idea! By doing this, the maximum authorized power of the power strip can very quickly be exceeded.

This type of bad practice is also the cause of many domestic fires!

9. The internet box, the computer and the TV

So the internet box, computer and television do not consume a lot of electricity. On the other hand, these devices are particularly sensitive to any electrical problem (overvoltage, etc.).

So, avoid plugging them into a power strip or equip yourself with a surge protector.

Conclusion There you have it; you now know which electrical devices you should not plug into a power strip.

Although the chances of fire are fortunately quite low, prevention is better than cure! Because the risks of overheating are indeed real. To the wise…

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